STEAM at Anchors

The curriculum at Anchors has been carefully constructed by our professional team who has more than 30 years of experience. The curriculum is constantly reviewed and kept up to-date, designed with the latest courses suitable for students between the ages of 2 to 6. Our school has joined the “I+S” course, “T is the school-based curriculum; “S” is the STEAM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics). Children are taught the school curriculum using “theme teaching” and “design activities” approaches for comprehensive teaching. To diversify the learning experience, teachers will regularly bring students out of the classrooms to learn and plan themes in both indoor and outdoor environments. One day of the week will be “STEAM Day”. The teacher will set the STEAM theme together according to the students’ interest to explore new scientific knowledge. It will use small experiments, design activities, and use the artificial intelligence robot Temi to ask questions, and the interactive device hardware technology of the touch projector in the innovative technology laboratory, allowing students to touch and present special effects and stimulate them to think more, ask more, and experiment more, thereby inspiring students potential and training. A correct learning attitude will also enable students to learn how to use different knowledge to solve problems. At the same time, students can learn about Mathematical logic and technology through hands-on construction of engineering and visual arts based on mathematical logic, and help them cope with the future -the rapid development of science and technology.

We incorporate “social emotional education” into the curriculum, so that students can learn the skills to self-manage their emotions. We also believe reading is a crucial way for students to ingest knowledge, so we integrate reading within our curriculum, collectively promoting reading culture throughout the whole school. The early developmental stages of childhood are the most important in a person’s life, therefore we have employed a professional physical education teacher to specifically design appropriate physical activities to benefit the physical development of our students. Our students are able to participate in different exercises and skill based activities, increasing their self-confidence and physical prowess.