Online admission(Fanling Campus)

Online admission(Fanling Campus)

Applications for online admission for the 2023-2024 academic year will start on 15 August 2022 (Monday):

–   2-year old preparatory class (Main stream class N1/International Class IN1)

–   3-year old class (Main stream class K1/International Class IN2)

–   4-year old class (Main stream class K2/International Class IN3)

–   5-year old class (Main stream class K3/International Class IN4)


The application deadline is on 30 September 2022 (Friday). Applications received after 30 September 2022 (Friday) will be placed on the waiting list. Interviews for waiting list applicants will be arranged when there are vacancies. Only online applications will be accepted.

Application Link: Fanling Campus Application Link

After successfully submitting the application form, you will receive a confirmation email

within 3 working days.


Interview date:                   15 October 2022 (Saturday) (subject to the development of the epidemic)

nterview arrangement:     (a) Small group activities, observations

                                             (b) Approximately 30 minutes per group

                                       (c) The child must be interviewed with 2 parents or carers

Date of Announcement      24 October 2022 (Monday) (notified via email)

of Result:

Registration date:              After receiving the admission notification email, parents can pay the reservation fee of HK$970                                                           to the school between 25 October 2022 (Tuesday) to 3 November 2022 (Thursday)


  1. Applicants can only choose to apply for admission to one of our branch campuses: (A) Main Campus  (B) Constellation Cove Campus  (C) Fanling Campus
  1. If applicants apply to more than one campus, the school will arrange interview by random selection, and the remaining application(s) will be automatically revoked without prior notice.
  2. The order in which applications are submitted has no bearing on admission results.
  3. If the number of applications for admission exceeds the number of places available in the school, the priority will be based on the number of places and the interview performance.
  4. All paid registration fees and reservation fees are non-transferable or refundable in case of withdrawal.
  5. For IN1 students currently enrolled in the preparatory class of our kindergarten, the school will reserve a place for progression to IN2. (No need to re-register)
  6. If you have any questions, please call Fanling Campus at 2676 3199.