Extracurricular Courses

Happy Bee

At ANCHORS we understand the development of a child’s understanding of morality and integrity are of equal importance to their cognitive learning. Throughout this school year Happy Bees have taken part in various activities such as: flag selling, contests, marching and etc., to help the participants improve on their social skills and self-esteem among their peer group. The Happy Bee program affords them the opportunity to work with other children and acquire problem-solving skills. This enables Happy Bees to become confident, independent, and gain better understanding of themselves and others.



Mr. FRANKIE LEUNG of The CHUN LUNG TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION will be invited to the school as our taekwondo coach to teach our children taekwondo classes. The CHUN LUNG TAKEWONDO ASSOCIATION provides excellent training in taekwondo. In addition to teaching students Taekwondo skills, they also teach students the taekwondo culture and valules such as: patience, perseverance, will, obedience, discipline which are precisely what is important to mold a child’s morality. Taekwondo also relaxes the mind and improves the agility of the mind.


Anchors Dance Group

 Anchors Dance Group teaches children the art of dance through daily rehearsals.  Children can learn different dance skills and style, hands and feet coordination, body control, improvement of rhythm sense, teamwork, and cooperation with others all through fun and dance. Every year Anchors Dance Group also competes in competitions, which strengthens a student’s courage and self-confidence through these experiences.


Anchors Choir

Our school is cooperating with the Red Vocal Academy for the “Anchors Choir programme. The goal is to expand students’ interest in music and team spirit through relaxing music. The Show Choir was established in 2009 by Red Vocal Academy director Mr. Horace Mui. The institute regularly participates in competitions and events performances, and now is the most famous dancing choir in Hong Kong.


Ballet Teacher Chan Kit Yan

Ms. Chan is an experienced dance tutor from Platform of Art. She is also a registered teacher of  the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), UK. She graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a ballet major (performance dance education). She has also obtained an advanced certificate in classical ballet and a certificate specialized in ballet teaching studies from the RAD. Apart from her extensive dance education background, her efforts in managing various types of dance performance and RAD exams have also enriched her students’ learning experience.


School English Musical Drama Programme

AKIN and Kido Town are collaborating together to provide a special on-campus programme for our students called: “Shine Musical Theatre”(SMT). This programme has been developed by Mr. Edward Salter, a music teacher and performing artist with over 12 years of experience in the business. Shine Musical Theatre is aimed to develop and expand drama skills of children, including training in drama acting, singing and dance. Students will prepare for and be enrolled into the Trinity College London-Young Performers Certificate examinations of the programme.