Re: Notice of Resumption of Classes

18 February 2021


Dear Parents,


Re: Notice of Resumption of Classes


All faculty and staff members of our school have completed testing for the new coronavirus disease within the past 14 days, and were all negative. The Education Bureau has approved for our school to fully resume face-to-face half-day classes starting from 22 February 2021 (Monday). All faculty and staff of our school (including drivers and aunties) will continue to be tested for the new coronavirus disease every 14 days, and parents can freely choose whether to let their children attend classes. The school will continue to use a professional and qualified disinfection company (proven by multinational laboratories to effectively kill the new coronavirus and more than 100 kinds of viruses and bacteria) to disinfect the school premises and facilities. We hope that after the resumption of classes, students can gradually return to normal school life. However, in view of the possible changes in the epidemic situation of the novel coronavirus disease, schools will continue to monitor the situation closely, and parents should also pay close attention to the latest announcements made by the Education Bureau.


Details of class resumption are as follows:
1. Parents should pay attention to the health of their children. If symptoms develop, especially a fever, do not go to school and seek medical advice immediately.
2. In order to effectively control the flow of people and reduce the spread of germs, all parents are not allowed to enter the school premises when sending or picking up their children until further notice.
3. Students must take their temperature, disinfect their hands and wear masks when going to school every day. (Please bring two masks every day and store them in the school bag)
4. On the first day of class resumption, we ask students to wear traditional Chinese clothes to celebrate Chinese New Year. Whole day class students will be changed to a half-day class in the morning, it will be followed by the morning class schedule.
5. The school will not provide food or drinks for the time being, students will need to bring their own water bottle and refreshments back to school to enjoy.
6. Each table in the classroom is equipped with a transparent anti-epidemic partition, which will be thoroughly disinfected after each class.
7. After the resumption of classes, we ask parents to call the school immediately, so we can take contingency measures and notify the Education Bureau if any of the following is confirmed:
a. You or your children is confirmed to have contracted the novel coronavirus disease;
b. You or your children is defined by the Department of Health as “close contacts” of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus disease.


Regarding the tuition arrangement, whole day class students only need to pay the half-day tuition due to the shift to morning class; N1/IN1 has a special allowance of HK$1000 from February 2021 to May 2021, and parents will only pay the tuition fee of HK$4300; The tuition fee for mainstream classes K1-K3 is HK$5000, the tuition fee for international classes IN2-IN4 is HK$5300, and snack fees are waived. The school bus service will return to normal in March. Thank you parents for your support and understanding!


We wish you good health, prosperity and happiness!


Yours sincerely,


Anchors Kindergarten & International Nursery